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5th largest city in California; 1st dumbest & drunkest city in America. Colloquially known by locals as "the Raisin Capital", Fresno is more appropriately known as "where?" by everyone else.

Besides it's raisins, Fresno is known for it's many other products.

Fresno's exports: smart people, liberals, musicians, methamphetamine, Pismo Beach enthusiasts.

Fresno's imports: dimwits, conservatives, tons of Sudafed
"These grapes taste like Fresno!"
"We speak American 'ere in Fresno, boy"
"Fresno sucks"
by roblevistala February 05, 2010
A six-pack of cheap beer.

Origin: Named after a certain New Jersey douchebag with similarly named abs.

Jason: Come over, and bring something to drink.
Alex: I'll be right over with a situation and a pizza!
by roblevistala February 05, 2010
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