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A cluase to a situation which voids any kind of action that would normaly be carried out by the party invovled in the situation.
"Hey were suppose to go on that double date with me and my girl!"

"Nah man...SITUATION STIPULATION! You didnt inform me that i was goin to be going with her "ugly" friend...and I had to pay for both of us!
by Pete187 November 03, 2007
A situation that becomes void, due to unknown circumstances, which henders any normal action taking place there of.
"DUDE!...You were suppose to go on that double date with me, my girl, and her friend!"

"Nah dude...Situation Stipulation. You didnt tell me she was fat...AND I had to pay for her fat ass too!
by Pete187 November 05, 2007
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