An abbreviation for "Shit in The toilet"

Nick was away from the keyboard doing a SITT whilst masturbation simultaneously.
by Infernomax May 08, 2007
Top Definition
1. A whinging, whining, little annoying person.

2. A person who spends more time complaining about a job then actually doing it.

3. An annoying person who makes jobs harder then they need to be.
1. Will you shut the fuck up! I am so sick of your sitt.

2. Will you please get your sitt together and finish the job.

3. Why do you have to be a complete sitt all of the time Edwin?
by Boycenator November 24, 2011
A foul-smelling orange funk that grows on one's ball sac after engaging in all night homosexual intercourse with an older man.
I should have used protection with my Calculus teacher. My balls got the Sitts yo.
by Stephen L. December 11, 2007
Bob : Dude I'm so Sitt right now
Mark : 4real? Me too. Let's go on Redtube
by Big Bear of the Jr. ParkRanger April 24, 2009
The African American slang terminology for the Caucasian derogatory word "Shit". Often used by lower class people who are on welfare.
Sitt nigga, I be tryin' seep and you be causin' a ruckus.
by Dunkin "Dunks" Bradford IV March 03, 2008
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