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Sithis (also known as Padomay) is a deity, representative of emptiness and the void. He is worshipped by the Dark Brotherhood. Used to represent him symbolically is a skull, as nothing really comes close to representing the true emptiness of the dread father.
"Hmm... That's like telling you about the cold of space, or terror of midnight. Sithis is all those things. He is... the Void."
by Clean Job Granny December 26, 2013
1. Lancashire dialect used to wish someone farewell.
Abbreviated from "See thee" i.e. "See you (later)".

2. Lancashire term used to draw attention to something (compare with the Welsh "Look you".

"Sithi, ah'm bound for t' be goowin' in a bit. So I'll sithi in t' pub toneet!"

From "I bet the Yanks struggle with this one" by A. Northerner.
by Neil Baxter October 12, 2005
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