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Like Sit-Com, Sit-Hom is a situation homosexual. A man who is normally straight but, given the right circumstances, might be persuaded to go for a bit of man on man.
Hey Billy, did you know Mike went to Quentin's party last night? He has a regular bird but I reckon he might well be a Sit-Hom given the chance. Quentin's certainly smiling this morning.
by Kevin Course July 12, 2012
A situation homosexual (as in sit com). A normally straight guy who, if the situation was right, might just decide he'd like to try a bit of man on man.
I'm a bit dubious about Pete, he shags a lot of girls but I think there are gay tendences alright. I think he's a sit hom
by Kevin Marx June 07, 2012
Like Sit-com a sit-hom is a 'situation homosexual'. A normally straight guy who might take a chance at gay sex given the right circumstances. e.g. at a drugs or drink party.
I reckon Mike swings both ways. He fancies a lot of girls but I reckon at a drugs party he could well be a sit-hom.
by CC Martinez June 13, 2012
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