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she has a tendency to worry too much and doesn''t realize how beautiful she is.

one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet and you can always call on for some friendly advice.

eats blackberries constantly and drinks too much water.

she never eats enought but, when she does shes a ball of energy.

shes a target for sarcastic people when shes drunk.

she loves to read and can name bands you've never heard of
"oh sistina? Yah. she's awesome."
by loveyou,xmas December 26, 2012
1. (proper noun) A fantastic, melodic song by heavy metal group Danzig.

2. (proper noun) An extremely rare first name for a female.
Sistinas is one of the girls on my school's basketball team. Did you hear Sistinas on the radio yesterday?
by Aspen Martha Focker January 11, 2011

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