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Principally, the anus and rectum of a homosexual sissy (and by homosexual, it is here simply meant one who engages in genetically same-gender sexual activity, even if said one also enjoys opposite-gender sexual activity). Described as such due to the analogy with a woman's vagina as regards sexual intercourse involving penile penetration: in this case, the anus and rectum of the sissy are used for receiving a male's erect penis during anal sex.

Also used to describe the anus and rectum of a sissy who enjoys some form of anal sexual stimulation, such as anal masturbation or anal sex with a partner who is wearing a strap on.
1. Jamie Michelle's sissy-pussy is aching for a nice, hard, throbbing cock to ride. She is such a flaming, cum-catching pansy-faggot.

2. Jamie Michelle helps keep her sissy-pussy clean and ready for action via a diet high in fiber.
by Jamie Michelle February 14, 2007
31 16
A big mouthed male who,without the balls or the ability to back it up, likes to talk a lot of shit at work, where it is safe, but kisses your ass when it's actually possible to kick his, without losing your job.
Benny is such a sissypussy, talking all that shit at work and then I see him at the store and he ain't got nothing but hello's and smiles.
by Intimiwaiter December 18, 2013
1 0
Same as Cry Pussy. A nickanme for a crying metro sexaul man.
Again Brandon don't you think your being a Sissy pussy about your job.
by Ryanandsummer November 25, 2008
3 9