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The sexiest beast around, or so he thinks. He acts like a tool but is really soft, but still a nice guy. Sisler's a people pleaser who will say anything to make his friends happy. He's got a lot of swag and plays a lot of sports, even though he isn't really good at them. But girls still like him anyway because he is really cool and has a huge penis. So if he even looks at you, you're one lucky girl, and should totally try to get with that.
Girl 1: "Holy Shit! Sisler just looked at me!"
Girl 2: "OMG YOU'RE SO LUCKY!!!"

Boy 1: "Why can't I be a Sisler, sure I may be good at sports, but he's still way cooler than me..."
Boy 2: "Plus his penis is way bigger than ours."
by Angelbaby March 26, 2012