a philosopher of sorts. looks into a mirror and will see many reflections.

resembles a chilly philly dip; sweet and TANGY.

yo i'm si-si. LIKE A DAISEY! give me shit and i'll shit on your face. verbal diarrhoea type shit.
by lawren August 01, 2006
Top Definition
A funny pretty girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes. crazy personality and someone who will make you cry with laughter. always lucky with the boys and loved by everyone.
loves to drink and gets mixed up with some cheeky trouble!
'everyone loves sisi'
by da cool one January 03, 2012
Nigerian alternative word for Girls
"Look at that fine Sisi"
by Olu1tintin August 31, 2008
Likes trouser snakes and can make them perform acts, wannabe slut that loves sims, and has a secret curiousity about animal porn,
everyone has a sisi at there school
by da cl 1 January 03, 2012
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