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Quite possibly the trippiest song by the rap group Three Six Mafia. It has several references to hip-hop lifestyle like "getting crunk", "Rockin' The Ganj" and partying with hoes.

The group consists of Pimp C, DJ Paul, Juicy J, and Bun B.
"If you got 16, you can get a biz-erp. I'm chokin' on that doja sweet and sippin' on that siz-zerp."

"Sippin' on some siz-zerp, sip, sippin' on some, sip" x8
by Elmer January 26, 2005
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A song made by Three 6 Mafia and UGK in the year 2000. UGK is comprised of Pimp C and Bun B. The actual title is Sippin' On Some Syrup.
"Sippin' On Some Sizzerp" was on the radio this morning.
by IsiMan84 August 17, 2006
Gettin Slowed and Throwed!!!
You Know Sippin' on Some Sizzerp, Purple Drank, Oil, lean, texas tea, Memphis Mud, Drank, basically u gettin fucked up
by Johnny Potsmoker420 September 17, 2007

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