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When one is sincere and serious at the same time.
"I sinceriously think that it's time for us to sleep together".
by C.J.Superstar July 21, 2011
8 0
Being sincere and serious.
I need to get laid sinceriously.
by Francis Craven March 05, 2005
32 14
The state of being incredibly sincere and serious at simultaneous intervals within the Space-Time Continuum.
Mom: "Son, we need to talk about your cat's inane behavior in relationship to the proximity of the toaster."

You: "But mom, the cat understand that data does not weight."

Dad: "The Red Army could benefit from such a young, youthful mind in it's ranks!"

Cat: "Sinceriously, I wonder what the fuck is wrong with you people."
by Hnnng Check 'Em June 12, 2011
2 0
The common act of being equally sincere and serious, simultaneously.
I sinceriously hated that bitch in that flick.
by MJH-Dawg February 28, 2008
4 2
Sincere and seriously smooshed together.
I'm sinceriously sorry about what happend after the break up
by Turboflamas May 29, 2010
1 3
the merge of seriously and sincere.
i like your sweaty palms. sinceriously, i do.
by jenny h April 13, 2005
4 7