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one who has a highlighter head
"what is that?"
"its the sun"
"a light-bulb"
"nah man its sindler"
by sdjaf June 01, 2003
ones who coolness cannot be measured
OMG that kid is a sindler watch out.
by michael verdi March 05, 2003
cleptomaniac. enough said.
stay away from that cleptomaniac, he stole my sole inserts in my shoes.
by the jew theif May 17, 2003
follower who got a 300 7' surf board and only surfed for 11 minutes (like the loser he is)
u pulled a sindler man, u gotta surf some more
by bro man May 19, 2003
one who is a cronic smoker
by Anaymous May 16, 2003