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A common occurence that all fast-pace text messengers experience. When in conversation with another, you will send a text before the other has a chance the reply, thus throwing the conversation off track. You will get a text answering a question while you are sending a different text. Thus, simultaneous text messaging.
Bobby: Hey are you picking up the pizza? (6:40)
Bobby: Nevermind I got it. (6:43)
Christine: I thought you had it? (6:43)
Chrisine: Ahh, simul-text
by boi-1-da July 05, 2011
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Two separate text messages sent to each other by the same two people simultaneously.
I received a simultext from Melissa when I invited her to come out to the concert with us. She asked what I was up to this weekend.
by Nicky Noko November 14, 2008
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getting one or more person to text the same person the same thing at the same time, leaving them very confused with a potentially frozen-up phone
"We Simultexted him. Everyone sent the message, 'Heyy Sexy ;D' at the same time. He was really confused. We succeeded."
by Mikayla S. March 27, 2010
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a text message received from the person to whom you are in the process of composing a text message for, often with similar if not identical content.
i was texting bob to ask about the possibility of kicking a hobo tonight, when he simultexted me to ask the same thing.
by japchan March 10, 2009
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When two people are tracking to such a degree that they text one another at the same time, about the same thing.
Text sent: Wish you were here for afternoon break.
Text received: Missing afternoon break with you today.
Text sent: Bah, we just simultexted each other
by Cool_Beans October 07, 2013
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