A game that is very entertaining and part of the blockbuster Maxis series. It has amazing graphics, but takes a supercomputer from the FBI just to run it. It also takes a very long time just to load it.
Anne: Hey, did you get the Sims 3 for your birthday, like you asked?

Maddie: Yeah, I got it, but it keeps crashing my computer. For the ten minutes I was on it, though, it was amazing - when it wasn't loading.
by Princess_Marie January 10, 2011
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Sims 3 is a very addictive role-playing, computer game where you create a family, build their house (or move them into an already created one), and help them play out their livs to the fullest (or the lowest) extent.
Friend: Want to play Sims 3?
Friend 2: What's Sims 3?
Friend: An addictive computer game.
Friend 2: Okay!
by Anonymous.Girl July 05, 2012

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