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A game that is very entertaining and part of the blockbuster Maxis series. It has amazing graphics, but takes a supercomputer from the FBI just to run it. It also takes a very long time just to load it.
Anne: Hey, did you get the Sims 3 for your birthday, like you asked?

Maddie: Yeah, I got it, but it keeps crashing my computer. For the ten minutes I was on it, though, it was amazing - when it wasn't loading.
by Princess_Marie January 10, 2011
A city in Michigan. One of the richest cities in the entire country. We all talk on I-phones, drive in SUV's and Porshes, and break the laws without even caring.

Where teenagers take over the city until 10 PM on weekends, try to act 'ghetto', go try out thousand dollar dresses for fun on weekends, and where there are no pageants but everyone acts like life is a beauty pagent.

There are many summer swim clubs, all with rivalries, nearly everyone owns a pair of UGG's and a North Face, and all the girls typically either figure skate or horseback ride.

Most moms stay at home, and kids don't go to school beacuse they don't 'feel like it'. There are often repeated names, most moms nearly run over someone at one point, and people act like wearing Forever 21 is like wearing Goodwill. A trip to Florida for a week is frowned upon, while Europe is the most popular destination.

The addictions here are brand names, popularity, and boyfriend addicts.

I would know. I live here.
Anna: "Hey, didn't you go to Birmingham, MI this weekend?"
Claire: "Yeah. It's like the Westchester of Michigan!"
by Princess_Marie March 20, 2011

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