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Its a punjabi word which mean Remember, remembrance and it also means continuous meditation.
'Har simrat teri jaaye balaaye.'

Meditate on Har(i) {God}, your pains, dukhs, anguishes, {what ails you}will go away
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by simrat sidhu September 07, 2008
drop dead gorgeous, clever and model like. Names means meditation and well respected. Simrat also origins from the lotus flower as in meditation. Others are very envious.People cant bear simrat.
ugh i hate simrat shes sooo fucken pretty.
#bear #meditation #means #lotus #clever
by honestperson May 02, 2009
Simrats are gorgeous and funny girls. They are very calm and sarcastic and everybody likes them. Simrats are helpful and sometimes rebellious. Don't piss Simrat off because she will want revenge on you. Simrat is a tomboy for sure, but she cleans up real nice. Simrat is very smart and has a sense of humor. She isn't big on the whole love thing and as a result guys get pushed away. Simrat is kind hearted and sensitive. Simrats know what they want in life and will strive to accomplish it. Simrat has a great personality and is respected by many. Simrats are trustworthy and have soft spots despite her tough outer shell.
Jaycee: Dude, Jason broke up with Kaity.
Simrat: Is she okay?
Jaycee: She's crying in the bathroom.
Simrat: Where's Jason? I'm gonna punch his lights out...
#simrat #simratpal #sarcasm #intellect #soft spots
by PaleoGirl August 09, 2010
To kick a girl in the vagina
She pushed in on me, so I Simratted the bitch.
#kick #vagina #box #pussy #bitch
by Bennysm November 12, 2014
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