Better than Avril Lavigne. Actually write their own music.Instead of stealing it from other bands. Great band in other words with the ability to write songs that mean something. New album out 12 February 2008.
Avril: omg like im sooooo totally cool. i even write my own like music!
ME:Bitch whatever! You cant play or sing worth shit! get a REAL job. *says underbreath "stupid muthafuckinbitchassho...BOO-YAH!*
Simple Plan: Yeah! why dont ou go steal another song!!
by thelovedocter...me! December 27, 2007
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A pop-punk band from Montreal Canada formed in 1999.
Members :
Pierre Bouvier : Vocals.
Sebastien Lefebvre : Rhythm Guitar & backing vocals.
David Desrosiers : Bass & backing vocals.
Chuck Comeau : Drums.
Jeff Stinco : Lead Guitar.

Hated by a lot of people.
Loved by a lot of people.

Albums :
1. No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls.
2. Still Not Getting Any...
3. Simple Plan.
And now, "Save You" by Simple Plan coming up next on 92.5 KISS FM.
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Hands up, who wants an unbiased, non-judgemental definition? Thought so.

Simple plan is a pop-punk band from Montreal, Canada. People call them posers, poseurs, etc. but there is no such musical genre as 'Poser-rock.' People who listen to Simple Plan are also labeled posers but this again is not true.
Person 1: I love Simple Plan.
Person 2: Simple plan are posers lol!
Person 1: Go play in traffic.
by some random pyro chick January 10, 2007
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Obviously all you cocksuckahs are retarded. =
Simple Plan is one of the BEST bands ever.
If you think they're whiny, oh well. They're teenagers. Fucking deal with it.
They're not trying to be punk. They're... college rock, or something like that. So get your facts straight before you make yourselfs look like idiots. Khay?
YOU: OMG, Simple Plan sucks so effing hard.
ME: Aww, HELL naw. Bitch.
YOU: What? You seriously LIKE them?
ME: What? You seriously DON'T like them?
YOU: Uhh... yeah.
ME: Faggot...
by O_o_I'm_a_freak_o_O April 27, 2009
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A band from Quebec, Canada. Lots of people give this band shit when in fact, they are writing lyrics from other people's point of view. They aren't complaining about their 'daddies rejecting them' So, it's a bad thing now that we have a band that isn't selfish I guess?
George:Have you heard of Simple Plan

Tammi:Yeah, they suck! They bitch and complain about their daddies giving them a hard life!

George:... *facepalm*
by Dododoo July 13, 2010
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Wow. You people really have NO lives if the only thing you can do is bash on bands. SO what if you dont like them. Other people do. And you say they wine about their horrible lives "all the time"? Two songs out of over 30. Wow. That is just WAY too much. Anyway. I don't care if other people don't like Simple Plan (Which is my second favorite band), but it is just plain mean to talk trash about them. And do you even know what they went through in their lives? Have you met them? DOUBT IT. If you guys hate them soo much, then why do you guys know their song? Seriously don't be such a fucking hypocrite. Obviously enough people like them or else they wouldn't be around anymore. And they have to have talent or else they wouldn't have gotten a record deal. SO stfu.
ME: So what's up?

Stupid Kid: Oh, nothing just listening to Simple plan, who I hate and bashing bands like them and Good Charlotte on Urban Dictionary.

Me: *walks over, shoves kid out of their chair, walks out of room*
by SuckmyDuck26 August 29, 2010
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A French Canadian pop punk band based in Montréal, Québec. They have released three studio albums. A lot of people criticize them for whining about how fucking their life is. I don't think they do that. They just try to give neglected people hope that's all.

The only reason why they are hated is that one so called ''cool guy'' hates them for some reason or the other and the rest of the people follow them. They are a great band with great songs and 'clear' voice. You can understand what they are actually saying without checking the lyrics! That is also a reason for them to be hated.
Guy 1,''Whatcha doing mate?!''
Guy 2,'' Listening to Simple Plan's Welcome To My Life.''
Guy 1,'' That's a piece of shit! They always whine how horrible their life is!''
Guy2,''Fuck off man, what do you know?''
by Keutykat July 20, 2009
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