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Originally coined by N4TBlazinHokies, It is to describe the act of running all over a map, (or dividing it up to share) to find and kill a player who is standing still.

Seen in Saints Row 2 a lot because by playing a match, you earn money needed to gain ranks, and eventually earn acheivments. people doing this don't care, or want to play online with people, they just want the acheivements.

Named for a player who has become the most famous for doing this, Simoshan J.
In Pregame Lobby:
Team A: Aw, Fuck, We got Simoshin, he just stands there.
Team B: Yeah, you better quit out, We Are Just going Simoshin Hunting
{Team A all quits, except Simoshin}
{Team B each gets about 25-30 Kills}
by Gamewizard December 14, 2009
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