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An idea most likely conceived by Lil Wayne or the Cash/Young Money entourage. See, normal individuals employ the figure of speech by using 'like', 'than' or 'as'. Now Mr. Wayne has stressed that he is not in fact a member of the human race, therefore said rules may not be applicable to him. Nonetheless, a simile without the bridging 'like', 'than', or 'as' just a sentence followed by a word. Example: But I keep her running back and forth. Soccer team. This does not make any sense to anyone with a fundamental, basic understanding of English.
a)Tony-Dude, check out my new rhyme!
Steve-Alright man, always willing to support.
Tony-Ok, so I say 'My bitch magnificent-roof of Sistine Chapel. I wanna bite her-green apple.'pauseSo what do you think?
Steve-I think you should go gargle hydrogen peroxide & anti-freeze.

Tony-Was it?..
Steve-Yes, Tony. Yes, that was a similame
b)Sup kid, you get the new Weezy album? I counted 13 similames-1st track. This guys ridiculous-Pee Wee Herman. SHIT. Now I'm doin' it.
by Mr. Animosity October 26, 2010
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