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When a man takes left over cum and wipes it on a female's forehead moments after sex, declaring "Simba" as he does it.
"Last night, after Rick and I had sex, he Simba'd me!"
by simba'd June 21, 2009
The act of rubbing jizz in a circular motion on a person's forehead immediately after cumming on it with your index and middle fingers. Just as the blue-butted monkey did in the lion king after simba was born.
Guy #1: "Dude, that girl last night was so hot!"

Guy #2: "Haha, yeah she was until I Simba'd that ho."
by DougBoyFresh July 11, 2009
After a man cums during a handjob or blowjob, the other person takes the cum and wipes it across the guy's forehead with their thumb while playing "Circle of Life" for background music.
"After he came, I simba'd him."
by Whatisthis? May 21, 2014
When a man cums on a woman's bosom then, using his thumb, removes the cum from her chest and wipes it across her forehead. Then, in a hushed whisper the man says "Simba" as he smears the cum.
Dude, Chris totally Simba'd Maddie the other night. He is expanding his pride.
by Pete "Maverick" Mitchell February 05, 2013
When you finger a girl during her period and then wipe the tip of your finger to her forehead leaving a blood smear. This is similiar to when rafiki from lion king smears paint from his finger to simbas forehead like in the movie The Lion King.
I found out she was on her period while i was fingering her so i simba'd her.
by Mr. AUR May 12, 2012

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