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A build your empire type game where you are the mayor of a city, and slowly build it up from nothing to a busseling metropolis. There are 4 games in the sim city series, the latest being Sim City 4.
I wish my city was as cool as my Sim City.
by Okram November 04, 2003
A PC video game where you take the place of a mayor and try to build your city to be the best it can - Without any villagers complaining.
Guy - Hey You wanna play on Sim City tonight?
Guy 2# - Yeah O.K.
by The Koaladude September 08, 2005
to simcity (verb) -- to totally fuck up a product release; generally used to refer to the fuckedness of deploying anything
Ted tried to apologize to his wife, but he totally simcity'd it. Now, she's madder than ever.
by dannyflorida March 11, 2013
To simcity someone is to set them on a seemingly neverending task.
"Bill, go clean your room!"
"Mum! Don't simcity me, please!"
by Dylan Hewson April 20, 2005
Sim City is a place in London known as Woolwich. It is characterised by the crime levels and more importantly the plague of Somalians(Sims) resident there.
Also see: Sticks, Bones, 20p, Socks
"...Don't go Sim City man, some sim just try jackin ma socks..."
by TomDickandHarry April 01, 2005
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