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2 definitions by Okram

A build your empire type game where you are the mayor of a city, and slowly build it up from nothing to a busseling metropolis. There are 4 games in the sim city series, the latest being Sim City 4.
I wish my city was as cool as my Sim City.
by Okram November 04, 2003
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A concept created by Jake Robinson and Nathan Croucher which features in their 2012 film 'Program' in which self-help guru Mr Gillespie shows us 'Nasal Entertainments' a quick and easy way of consuming information and media through the nose by snorting.
"We live in a society that is addicted to it's own need for information but this takes time and headspace, what Nasal Entertainment does is give your daily need for information instantaneously"
by okram March 23, 2012
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