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Silvermark is a silver streak of hair which is commonly found at front hairline (right or left-hand side where the forehead and hairline meet). A Silvermark can appear at a young age (as ealry as 7 years old) and its known to be hereditary - it is very likely that others in the family tree (genealogically speaking) proudly display the mark. There is a myth whereby some believe there is meaningful connection among all Silvermarks - a pedigree mark which can be traced back for centuries. This birthmark can be found in men, women, and children in each of the 194 independent countries around the world. A Silvermark on many occasions has been perceived to carry an air of mystery, charisma, and charm and in some countries for centuries, a silver streak of hair has been called a witch's streak.
Stacy London of "What Not to Wear" has the unique and “very distinguished” Silvermark and like most who have it, she's had hers since she was a child.
by Mr. Silvermarks June 30, 2010
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