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The Silver Voice is an elite group of Mitcham footballers who unite to increase the volume during games and on the training track. This secret organisation was formed in 1888 when members of the group realised the purpose of their secret super powers. These powers have been passed on through generations and still exist today. Since their formation the Silver Voice warriors have fought a constant battle against those voice thieves that steal the voices from their team mates. The warrior's major defence against the thieves is to scream Silver Voice as loud as possible during stints of voice attack, aiming to penetrate the thieves hearts with silver voice, much like a silver bullet to a Vampire.

Members of the Silver Voice dress in Yellow and Black to hide their identitiy from the voice theives. The powers of these immortal legends were at their peak from the years of 1979-1981 and have experiened a decline ever since. However the strength is once again building and the great prophecy suggests that soon a man who is a descendent of one of the original warriors will return to fullfil his destiny and balance of power will once again be in the hands of the mighty Silver Voice Warriors.
A lull in constructive talk during training or playing due to a voice attack by the Voice Thieves*

"SILVER VOICE!!" is yelled from an Elite Warrior and a series of 'echo' like "Silver Voice" calls follow amongst the playing group, inducing constructive talk and lifting every area of skill, including spatial awareness, hand and foot skill execution, goal scoring and most of all courage.

“SILVER VOICE” is used in the celebration of goal scoring and winning games.

Player One – “Oh man, I’m feeling so tired and sore. I don’t think I can go on with training."
Player Two – “SILVER VOICE!!!!"
Player One – “SILVER VOICE!!! I feel like I have the strength and energy of ten men!!”

“Hey do you play for Mitcham Football Club? Are you part of the Silver Voice?”“SILVER VOICE!!! Fuck yeah. I’m an Elite Warrior of the Silver Voice!”
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