These are the 7% of Australians aged over 65 who can be described as having a high net-worth and are sophisticated, cosmopolitan retirees who are the antithesis of the traditional pensioner. The Silver Stylers have options, recognise quality, and as well-travelled, educated and experienced seniors, they don’t look like retirees used to. While there are only about 200,000 Silver Stylers in Australia, they are a fast-growing cohort with their numbers swelling as the Baby Boomers enter their ranks.
The Silver Stylers are one of several new lifestyle segments to emerge in the 21st century. As noted by social researcher Mark McCrindle (, others include KIPPERS, Downagers, Boomerang kids and NETTELs.
"Check out those Silver Stylers in that fancy yacht."
by Wolfwoman September 12, 2009

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