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When a person licks their finger, a'la a wet willy, but instead of slipping it in your ear, goes right for your butt hole.
"Dude, why did I hear you scream so loud last night?"

"That douche nugget, Pete, gave me a silly willy."
by M.TOMP April 26, 2009
A term of endearment similar to Funny Goober.
girl: Youre my funny goober.
Guy: Well, youre my silly willy.
by Greg Bennett August 06, 2006
Just know that if your doctor says you have it, you are seriously fucked. see panda madness.
Holy shit honey, that man has the silly willies!
by Harry Truman April 06, 2008
This is when a guy is getting head from a girl, and right before he is about to ejaculate he pulls out and sticks his wet dick in the girls ear and then blows his load in it.
Jack pulled out of Jill's mouth and gave her a Silly Willy.
by Sean January 20, 2005
Silly Willy

The process of finger banging a lady and then sticking your wet finger in her ear.
Jack totally gave Jane a Silly Willy last night.
by jones3jd January 04, 2010
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