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When you put a baloon,(water,or normal. it doesnt matter) in a girls rectum and fill it partaly with glitter and inflate it with helium til' it ruptures inside of her. Then you punch her in the stomach, causing her to fart out glitter in a squeaky manner.
With enough roofies, Sarah would let you give her a "Silly Clown".
by Pimp Daddy Kringle July 18, 2010
When the male species interacts foolishly during an intense all-star game of softball, ususally in the minor leagues.
Originated at for their notorious (and self righteous) acts of holy matrimony.
"Hey Jake!"
"Shut the fuck up, Chuck Norris is pulling a silly clown."
by Count Mortimer August 08, 2003
One who cuts the ass cheek area out of his jeans or dungaries then parades around like that.
That silly clown used the internet to visit
by Dr. Snuggles July 10, 2003
One who enjoys eating out the rectum of another man or woman, and then spitting the leftover chunks onto a nearby groundhog
I like bananas
Thats cuz you're a silly clown
by archibaldmenson October 29, 2003
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