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A state in which a person is both silly and serious at the same time
Did Leslie just double-sniff at me?

Ahhh yeeah that girl is extra sillerious today!
by D_Steezy May 20, 2011
the act of being silly and serious at the same time.

a constant state of confusion.
Lori and Monica are being sillerious
by B87823 February 25, 2008
Becoming silly after becoming totally delerious, either through sleep deprivation or through a hypomanic episode.
friday night i went to electric, then lala, then back to electric, then blue bar, then a mates place where we all stayed up for around 30 hours no sleep. By then, we were completely Sillerious...
by Jason Kelton March 02, 2008
Of being serious and silly simultaneously.
yeah, its a very silly programme but has some great storylines. Its a bit sillerious really :D
by Dug Stokes February 04, 2005
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