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An asshat 12 year old who claims he knows PHP, yet he NEEDS coders? Well.....that sounds fishy. Anyway, after the real LUE2 went down, he created LUE2 which uses the whiteFyre source code, it is because SS or Snake can't code. He is also mortal enemy of LUELinks after his coders made 'LUE2Links'.
"I got a PHP book from the store, so I can suck even more!" - Slient Strike
by alapidus March 07, 2005
The new name of the Admin. of LUE2. He was originally Snake. He is insane. He is fucked up. He got rid of kudos. He is generally not good.
Snake-er...SilentStrike is slowly becoming CJayC while he clains that he "In a nice admin. again"
by Why should I tell you? February 03, 2005
The "new" name of snake, the administrator of LUE2. It doesn't help the fact the site has a bad reputation, although I still go there..
Out with the old, in with the new, eh?
by Mikles February 02, 2005
Just good enough to be the best...barely.
Wow, SS just owned kali ladder again.
by \"/ June 06, 2003
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