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An absolutely amazing girl, so amazing no words in the world could possibly describe how truly amazing she is. While she truly does have amazing looks and people chase her for them, some of us simply chase her because she has stolen our heart, nor would we want it back. She truly knows how to care and take care of others around her, brightening up even the cloudiest days with her smile and upbeat personality. Her heart is more vast the universe while her list of talents are just as wide and great, which adds to why she is an extraordinary girl. She is truly perfect in so many ways. She has will truly touch your heart as I know she has mine, and is never afraid to take risks, inspiring me to be all that I can be, and never settle for just life itself. <3 if you ever have the chance to have her in your life, definitely hold her tight and never let go, just as she has taught me to with my dreams. <3
I wish i could be like sijing -.-
#amazing #pretty #smart #awesome #sexy #bamf #boo #babe #baby #honey #ghetto #grape
by Bmine4evr September 28, 2010
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