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a term used on games like guitar hero and rock band, when the person just bought the game or is playing a particular song for the first time. this means that they never saw the song and they're just "going with it"
dude1: dude! i just got rock band 2 and i FC'd "eye of the tiger" just by sightreading it!!
dude2: get a fucking life
by anonymous dudeguything October 04, 2008
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Comment often left after a score on beatmania IIDX and other games from bemani on trackers such as Solid State Squad. This diserves to tell how good you are if you get a AAA, or else how good you are because you have only seen the chart once.
If the player loves himself, he can also add a period, reinforcing his amazing skills.
X Player on S3: "Sight-read."
by dolce-kun August 02, 2009

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