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The name given to a sorostitute/slam-piece that has ridden on top of so many of the fratstars at the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, that she's basically known as the "saddle" for the house - she'll mount anyone! Just throw her on top and let her enjoy the ride!

The completely oblivious sorostitute saddle will think it's "cool" to be referred to as such, and even tell her friends, big and little sisters that the SigEp "bros" refer to her as that, while not realizing that it's -not- a badge of honor one would want to claim, or should be proud of.
"Rachel is sooooo out of touch with reality that she actually bragged to me that she's known as the "SigEp Saddle" the other day... she has no clue that's not a title one wants to have, or that she should be telling her friends about!

She brags about how she's always at their house, gets invited to their weekends away, their parties... Well girl, it's not cause they like your personality! You're their slam piece! Duh!"
by JLB2629 November 30, 2012
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