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(Noun) A 20 foot symbol of the holiday season. It has become an annual tradition to consume holiday beverages, and hunt for the tree in the wilderness. This tradition has served many people, bringing long lost family members together, aiding in the quest for a cure of all the worlds problems, and serving as a brilliant light that aids both large airliners and Santa in finding their way through the dark night sky.
1.)This year, the SigEp Christmas Tree will be bigger and better than ever.

2.)Pilot- Wow, that was close, we almost had to crash land!
Co-Pilot- I know, thank god for the SigEp Christmas tree, otherwise we might have crashed!!

3.) Little girl- "Before I saw the SigEp Christmas Tree I was deaf, but after seeing it for the first time, I got my hearing back!"

4.) Santa- Jeesh Rudolph, that was a close call. I was lost for a little while tonight
Rudolph- I know Santa, it sure was a good thing that Blitzen saw the SigEp Christmas Tree on the horizon, otherwise children worldwide might not have received their Christmas gifts!
by One of Santa's Helpers November 27, 2007
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