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Small, Catholic (Franciscan), liberal arts college located in Loudonville, NY, which is just outside of the state capital, Albany. It has a beautiful campus with lots of nice outdoor space provided by the quads. Most of the students are from the northeast, particularly the Capital District, Long Island (Lawn Guyland), or Connecticut. For the most part, the students are kind and laid back. They are generally very hardworking, but like to party by the same token. Great example of a work hard, play hard school.
If you want to have a great college experience, come to Siena college!
by ManILoveCollege April 27, 2009
A beautiful campus ruined by the resentful RA's and power hungry campus security that would have made excellent Nazi's asking Jews for there papers. The girls at Siena are decent because many of them are from downstate and even the ones from upstate have style, forget about the guys though, because all of them dress like they are about to go backpacking for a couple of weeks in the woods where they will shoot stuff and chop down trees. RD Riane is pretty cute though, and she's nice even when she writes you up. If you invite your friends over and don't sign them in prepare for them to get banned from campus for life. This college has lots of potential, what a shame.
BRO 1: Yo I partied at Siena College it was so dope. The campus was huge and the RA's don't give a fuck.

BRO 2: You're an idiot, you must be talking about UAlbany...
by Fabrice Santoro January 15, 2012
The best, top ranked college in the Capital Region of New York. Ranked in the top 7% of universities and colleges in the entire country.

The epitome of a work-hard play hard school with the hottest-classiest people.
Person 1: "Where do you go to school?"
Person 2: "I go to Siena College"
Person 1: *Damnn, I wish I got in there, but instead I'm stuck at fucking UAlbany with a bunch of trashy whores"
by SaintsGirl2015 August 06, 2011
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