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The best, top ranked college in the Capital Region of New York. Ranked in the top 7% of universities and colleges in the entire country.

The epitome of a work-hard play hard school with the hottest-classiest people.
Person 1: "Where do you go to school?"
Person 2: "I go to Siena College"
Person 1: *Damnn, I wish I got in there, but instead I'm stuck at fucking UAlbany with a bunch of trashy whores"
by SaintsGirl2015 August 06, 2011
The trashiest school in the Capital Region, if not all of New York.
All of the students wish they went to Siena, but most couldn't get in, and they'll do anything to deny it.
UAlbany girl: "Yeahh, I go to Albany..."
Siena guy: *ew, trash* "Yeah, I go to Siena."
UAlbany girl: *lucky bastard* "Ohh...that's nice, I guess."
by SaintsGirl2015 August 06, 2011

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