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An awesome guy that tends to be awesomer than most of the people that think they're awesome, but they're actually not because Siegfred is awesomer than them, yet they think they're awesome anyways, knowing that Siegfred is awesomer than them. He also tends to be a douchebag, but is mostly cool and easygoing. Just get to know him.
Person 1: "Dude I'm so awesome!"
Siegfred: "You can think all you like but I'm awesomer than you."
Person 1: " No way, I'm awesome."
Siegfred: "Think all you'd like, but I'm awesomer than you, don't forget that."
Person 1: "Aww... okay."
Person 2: "Wow person 1 is such a non-awesome person."
Person 1: "I know right..."
Siegfred: "Thats right. Know your place."
by IAmSiegfredYES September 25, 2011
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