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A beer one drinks on the side while participating in a drinking game. This beer is normally of higher quality than the beer that is being used in the drinking game.
Sean: Yo, I played like 6 games of pong and I'm not even drunk
Lasershow: Well, maybe you should be drinking side beers, fag.
by johnny liu January 09, 2008
The beer you drink on the side as you play beer pong. You sip this in between shots and as you wait for your opponent to make cups for you to drink.
"Dude, luckly I have this side beer because you guys aren't making any cups"
by thedave4449 April 20, 2009
The personal beer that you would hold to the side during a game of beer pong. You would drink from your side beer throughout the game in addition to being scored on by opponents.

In addition, a side beer can also be used during a long list of other drinking games, such as; flip cup, quarters, king, fuck the dealer ect.
(during game of beer pong)

Shon - "I got my side beer."

Brando - "Oh yup, i almost forgot mine!"
by PoppinPapaverz February 15, 2011
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