1. Bass player who couldn't play; "played" with the Sex Pistols. The inabilty to play didn't stop him being the coolest dead man alive.

2. Incredibly hot.

3. Dead. Heroin is bad.
I had a dream I had sex with Sid Vicious.
It was the best dream I have ever had.
by ClockworkRose December 20, 2004
An achingly beautiful, loving, precious, hilarious, witty, sensitive, underestimated, misunderstood man who left this world too soon and spent most of his short existence in confusion, betrayal, exploitation, manipulation and pain. The real love of his life was the Sex Pistols, not his infamous girl, Nancy Spungen. God rest her soul, but, they were not good for one another, and it is silly to view that torturous entanglement as "love". It was the initiation to the speed train to both of their horrible, unnecessary deaths. My saying this does not make her a bad person, or him a perfect person, it's just simply the truth.
Sid Vicious is a darling, beautiful young man.
by NiniMaria April 23, 2010
1) An Ephiphany
2) The Sex pistols Bassist

He was a face, and a figurehead for those who wanted all of it and dreamt of doing and getting away with everything he ever did. Perhaps he represented a dream for those so incredibly dulled and jaded by the lifes they were forced to live. The young and shocking face of Anarchy.
But he was more then that too, he was important to the band and the movement and without him the Pistols wouldn't have the fans they do, the loyalty they have inspired or the minds they have changed. There are some who say that he wasn't important to the band because he couldn't play so brilliant, but the point of "punk" was D.I.Y, just doing it, the musical rebellion was a reaction to bands who thought that all music was, was playing, Bugger the importance of words, bugger truth or something actually enjoyable to listen to. Four minute drum solos are not impressive, just pretenious. Sid did what he could, and although they didnt write many new songs after Glen left, he did write Belsen Was A Gas, he was a good singer, if you listen to Somethin' Else and C'mon everybody, you find they are uplifting and they sound like the singer means it. Because with all of this he was a real person, he wasn't a fake who sat on a stage singing about things he knew nothing of. I think thats why his version of "My Way" has so much impact, He DID do it all. Everything he sang and played about.
When you carry on changing lives, even though yours has finished, your Sid Vicious.
by Charlotte Sometimes August 21, 2006
Sid Vicious, (Simon John Ritchie,) was born May 10, 1957, to his father Micheal and his mother Anne. Shortly after he was born, his father left, and he and his mother moved to the Spanish island of Libza, where Sid's mother made a living selling drugs. By 1974 and 1975 Sid began using methanphetamines and was expirencing anti-social and destructive behaviors. The name Sid Vicious comes from John Lyndon's (Johnny Rotten's) pet hamster. While Sid was not originally a member of the Sex Pistols, he later joined after their bass player, Glenn Matlock, left the band in 1977. It was often said by many close to the band that when the Sex Pistols played live in concert, Sid's amplifyer was turned off or down very low. While this is true, Sid could play bass, just not very well. In November 1977 Sid met his future girlfriend Nancy Spungen. She was an American rock band groupie, and a born herion addict. Although they were clearly in love with each other, their rocky relationship had a deteriorating affect on the Sex Pistols. The Sex Pistols went on to break up in 1978. Sid then embarked on a short solo career with Nancy as his manager. He played with artist inclulding Joe Strummer of the Clash and Jerry Nolan of the New York Dolls. Meanwile, Sid and Nancy became even more drawn into the drug scene. The last night they were together, they checked in to their room (Room 100)at the Chelsea Hotel. Sid awoke to find Nancy crumpled dead in their hotel bathroom. She was stabbed only once in the abdomen. Sid was arrested for her murder, although he had no memory of doing so. There were also many other suspects in Nancy's murder, however, a bail of $50,000 was paid by the Sex Pistol's ex- lable Virgin records, and Sid was temporarily released. In February 1979, Sid was at a party to celebrate his release that was held at his new girlfriend, Michelle Robinson's house. He was supposedly clean from all drugs at this time, due to drug rehab he recieved at prison. However, at the party, he used herion he got from his mother to overdose. He died that same night. Sid and his mother wanted his remains to be burried next to Nancy's, but Nancy's mother would not allow them to be. There are many rumors about the exact location of Sid's remains, but the exact resting place is not known.
Even though Sid Vicious was addicted to drugs, he loved his girlfriend so much that he commited suicide to be with her in the end.
by Logan Marie September 01, 2006
john simon richie; bass player of the famous brit band the sex pistols; punk lies on this man's shoulders.
"sid and nancy", film produced in 1986
by vivienne westwood December 21, 2003
Original punk rock star , hes rad
Sid is cool
by anarchyincanada May 31, 2003
sid vicious was a baby boy inside.he was shy and very dependant on his love,nancy.he loved her very much and only killed her because she pushed him,heroin is no good sid!
"ill never look like barbie!!<nancy>"hey what you say you come help me do theese dishes"<sid> "what did you say?"<nancy>
by wabbit June 13, 2004
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