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Reeaally dope. Something is just really fucking cool.
"The purse I got is sick nasty!!"

"Yo dat blunt was sick nasty!"
by Hiiiyaaa December 27, 2008
5 8
a complement on how cool something or somenone is
random person; you look really sick nasty with that boy
by party girl from 95 February 23, 2009
10 14
means awsome or mind blowing

mostly used in biddoford maine by dave robbie
That car is sicknasty!
by Dave Robbie October 17, 2006
26 38
sick nasty. noun ; slang word used by people who are wayy hardcore, having nothing better to do with their lives then yell at wangsters, spend minutes just listening to stacy's mom in PacSun.
emotot 1: "Dudeeeee. That band shirt is SICKNASTYYY"
emotot 2: "Fer sher. Lets go get moolattes, mkk?"
emotot 1: " ROFLCOPTER! "
by neecolaaa baconnn December 27, 2007
4 19
when something really tite happens you use sicknasty
"omg brandon got laid, and him and sabrina videotaped it. ugh her ussy is funky and is shitty as hell. uhh nasty. but dieter totally got caught in her office watching it...doode that shit was sicknasty"
by reneeassunta February 07, 2008
2 19
When something is super awesome/cool/tight/sexy... etc

since two negatives makes a positive (sick- bad, nasty- bad= good)
That board is sick-nasty.

Everything that dosn't involve __________, is sick-nasty.

Your mom is sick nasty.
by reveingiallo March 05, 2008
4 23
Sick nasty is used to describe a situation, person, or thing so disgusting and gross that it deserves to be called both sick and nasty. Sick nasty can be used in almost all context, I mean what isn't sick nasty?

(orgin the celtic swim '06-07 team)
Wow that shirt is really sick nasty. I just wanted to gouge my eyes out today when I saw Brett because he is so sick nasty. etc
by Celtic Swim '06-07 January 27, 2007
5 30