So unbelievably awesome it can't be described. The phrase sicknasty is best used in the same sentence the words son and bro.
Oh, man that was sicknasty
by rockstar4 July 12, 2010
more than sick; the extreme form of "sick"
Holy shit dude that was some sick nasty shit you just did!
by SikkNastE March 23, 2010
A combination of something being Sick (really dope) and Nasty (really stylie). Used in the Ski and Snowboard community to describe something someone did that was mind blowing.
Damn, You see Warner huck that cliff, that was soooo sicknasty!
by Warnstteze October 10, 2010
An action or event that is deemed as "Totally awesome."
Tony Hawk's 900 was Sick-Nasty!
by sickoB0b November 04, 2005
SOMETHING THATS AWESOME!!!!!!....and i'm talking awesome beyond ordinary something that is just sooo crazy and insane, that it's unbelievably awesome
Yo man, when you scored that goal the other day against River Dell in double over-time, even though they had like 4 of their guys covering you and a 6 foot 5 goalie.....that was just SICK-NASTY man!!!
by MILK AND CEREAL BITCHES November 01, 2005
really cool
That shirt is sick-nasty!
by Whoozy November 21, 2002
Noun. An unacceptable person with questionable intentions and goals that will more than likely stay in Antigo for the rest of their lives.
Wow, now that's a Sick Nasty, I wish they would move out of Antigo and get a job.
by A-KnowsBest January 15, 2011

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