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(noun.) When a series of events that yields extreme benefit to one or a group of people occurs in somewhat of a chain reaction

(noun.) When someone verbally illustrates a series of events in an over-exaggerated manner
Joe: Yo man, I got my license, my parents got me a new car to whip, I found $50 in my jeans, got a couple of biddies, and we got a quarter for the weekend.
Charlie: Have we entered the Sice Age?
Joe: Indeed, we have.
Charlie: LEHGOOOO!!!!

Charlie: Dude, did I ever tell you about the time I took that random dude's car, robbed every store in the city, and beat up Chuck Norris?
Joe: Dude, step out of the Sice Age.
by Cadillac_Kenlak April 12, 2011

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