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A "drink" given to unsuspecting girl. Made as follows:
1. Cum into a large shot glass (works best with multiple loads), let chill.
2. Mix with equal parts vodka and stir ‘till foamy.
3. Give to some dumb bitch and laugh your ass off when she downs it.

If the bitch is really dumb, just mix cum and cold water. Great way to get mild revenge on your stupid ho girlfriend if she won’t swallow!

(If made with vodka and orange juice, drink is known as the Siberian Sunrise).
YOU: hey girlie, want to try a Siberian Snow Plow?
DUMB BITCH: Sure! (gulp). Wow, that was the shit!
YOU:A ha ha ha ha ha
by dr_munch'O'lot December 07, 2006
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