Girl is on her knees naked, 5 guys splooge on her from all directions at the same time.
Mandy got a Siberian Blizzard while kneeling on the floor for some b-town pimps.
by Ronny J April 28, 2006
Top Definition
A wrestling move, popularized by Zangief. The wrestler takes an opponent in one hand and spins several times before rocketing into the air while still spinning. The opponent is then slammed into the ground head first from an incredible height.
If you ever enter my airspace again, I'm afraid I will have to Siberian Blizzard you.
by Cornwad June 02, 2010
Fucking a girl while standing and spinning in circles, then when you're close to finishing, throw the girl into the air, and jizz all over her before she hits the ground.
UH, UH, SIBERIAN... Blizzaaaaaaaaard.......

I gave Sandy a Siberian Blizzard last night.
Yea, dude, she's in the hospital.
by ninjakingcola September 01, 2010
When you're having sex and the guy pulls out and ejaculates in the air and it lands anywhere it wants without aim.
He did the Siberian blizzard lastnight.
by TheSinOfSinnistery March 14, 2015
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