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Fucking a girl while standing and spinning in circles, then when you're close to finishing, throw the girl into the air, and jizz all over her before she hits the ground.
UH, UH, SIBERIAN... Blizzaaaaaaaaard.......

I gave Sandy a Siberian Blizzard last night.
Yea, dude, she's in the hospital.
by ninjakingcola September 01, 2010
Shofwalk: (noun) ex. "To walk like shof."
The shofwalk is a way to walk/dance by leaning as far back as one can, then walking forward swinging one's arms in a up and down way with the elbows remaining limp and the hands flipping up at the upward point of the arm swing.
The shofwalk must be done to a beat. The beat goes as follows: "ah ts ts ka ts ts ts ka ts ts ts ka ts ts ts ka." and so on.
You must keep in step with the beat.
I shofwalked up the stairs.

Hey, did you see John shofwalking today?

You shofwalk so well that you should be known as Luke Shofwalker.
by ninjakingcola December 03, 2008

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