Welsh for Jane. NOT Irish....welsh.

In countries other than the U.K. can be pronounced Sigh-Ann, See- Anne, Seen, or WTF does that spell? Some correct pronunciations are Shan, Shawn, and Sharn.
Sian, go put the fan in the can for Dan.
Sian I am going to yawn 'cause it's dawn but I have to mow the lawn.
Sian go wait in the barn and I will get you some yarn to darn.
by Sailor Skye February 14, 2010
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a person usually a girl who is interested in gaming however is not Fugly and is actually very attractive
'Wow she games and shes fit shes so sian'
by FranTiix May 21, 2009
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y0 look at that tiny sian over there
by woop de woop woop May 02, 2005
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Meaning sunlight in some welsh language, people named sian have hair as beautiful as the sunlight. They are funny, friendly, and simply amazing. Everyone loves a sian.
person: Anna is so cool
person1: yeah, her middle name must be sian
by destroyenatar August 04, 2009
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A Punk Rocker With Flowers in Her Hair.
"I wish I was a Sian."

"Did you see that Sian go by?" "Yeah, what a hippie!"
by Chiks September 03, 2006
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a kind, thoughtful, gorgeous, beautiful, person
hey Sian just wanted to know if u wana be my bae
by hotpotatogirl February 17, 2015
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So sian!!! let's go and watch a show!
by monster ru November 06, 2004
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