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Also sgdgs, Sigs, and AlphaSiGDiGS_RESE. A hacker formerly found commonly among the Anon IRC servers. Very intelligent in practice and methodology but a complete dumbass in conversation. Notable moments include Penis Game Thursdays and detailed conversation on the stretching of the asshole. Known for personal involvements under several other IRC names. Former Alpha with the greatest involvement being in the My Yearbook scandals of 2011, PSN coverage under a different name, and SiGDiGS’ Encryptor. Recently presumed “retired” and acquitted. Not much is known about the personal life of SiGDiGS, however it is rumored that he now attends a university in Florida.

He will be missed personally and from the rest of “the old team” :)
Notable Quotes:

SiGDiGS: "Just fucking dump it..."

"RefRef is like my dick falling from the sky and crashing on the server itself"

Me: "hey Sigs..."
SiGDiGS: "Wat"

by JCaller September 30, 2011
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