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I girl that even tho when she might not be that happy, she always keeps a smile on her face. She knows to make people laugh and everybody wants to be friends with her. But be careful, You NEVER want to be on her bad side. She'll kinda kiss your ass. A Shyy is the type to always go with the flow and tends to have more guy friends then girls. Shyy's tend to think girls are to complicated to be friends with. Shyys are gorgeous and once their introduced in your life, they stay forever.
"Im a guy and I found a new girl best friend, totally a shyy:)"

"Can't you just be shyy and chill?"
by iserjfidfhchdoixckdixj October 08, 2011
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A term used when discussing homosexual matters; may be used as a degradation effect.
Just look at Shyys. The homosexuality radiating from his body is simply too much for anyone to handle.
by aldskfj May 18, 2013
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