Shyam: prounounced "ShEM." A verb meaning to cobble together a better computer from the still working parts of computers that more well-off kids at your college could have fixed but opted to throw away because they could simply buy another one. Taken from the genius who developed the technique, Shyam Gouri-Shouresh
Shyam and his pals would stalk the halls of Trinity College in late May taking pieces of dead computers only to Shyam a super computer out of them by mid July.
by Nate Curtis August 02, 2005
Top Definition
One of the names of Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna.
Shyamsundara is also one of the names of the Lord.
by Shyam N. July 11, 2006
Shyam is another word for saying god.
I believe in god=I believe in Shyam.
by xcrunner March 06, 2005
To successfully masturbate 56 times in a 24-hour period.
John: Dude, I think my dick is broken. I had an intense Shyam session yesterday.
by wellhellothereshyam July 27, 2010
A synonym for "worlds largest penis"
Damn, i saw the Shyam in bed last night. He spread me like a butterfly.
by Billy bob Junior September 06, 2014
an extreme level of bliss; pleasure at its highest.
After I finished my 8 page science project, I pranced outside to my lawn chair in the sun, closed my eyes, and experienced the ancient Chinese calmness known as Shyam.
by Jack Nasavinirs March 18, 2009
the nicest, sexiest, most lovable guy alive, who kathryn loves like woa to the max with all of her heart.

could be a playa easily if he wanted- jou kno, str8 thuggin, spendin g's. Wit all that pimp juice, he has no trubs gettin' the ladies. shyam brings the heat.
shyamie, i want to love you forever times infinity, and damn, boi, you are so fineeee.
by Kat April 08, 2005
this pimp kid at Lenape High School
That kid Shyam has like 10 girls all over him whenever I see him.
by BDawk January 27, 2005
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