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verb: to do somebody up the butt/to butt rape
I shwindled a drunk chick last night.

My gay lover shwindled me.
by ~Jiggle-Muffin~ April 23, 2008
Shwindle means to cut infront of someone at the last second or to steal a place, spot, or thing.
dude, shwindle those cars so we can get ahead.
yo you shwindled that broad from jimmy last night; he is gonna be pissed.
by Wiseguy_yo May 12, 2011
another name to describe a gay guy for example named: Trevon.
That guy named Eric is a shwindle!
by ImJustKidding May 16, 2009
Meaning anything.
can be used to describe or name anything.
"Yo dawg this shwindle is off the hook!"

"Damn dawg, i dropped my shwindle, and now i have to go get a new one."
by B-Pro October 26, 2007

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