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Someone who is being disagreeable.
A: I don't want to ditch you
T: Ashlen, Don't be such a shwaz, you do too!
by EngramAgility April 28, 2009
Pronounced shwoz or shwuz
A word that can be applied as a verb, adjective or honorific.
For example, to shwaz is to generally have fun and whatnot.
Calling someone shwaz is saying that they are awesome.
Putting shwaz at the end of someone's name indicates that they have been inducted into the brotherhood of shwaz, a group of awesome people.
"How you Shwaz?"
"I shwaz good."

"You are shwaz, my friend."

"Hey, Corey-Shwaz!"
by Matt Shwaz July 26, 2007
Another word for shwag. Low quality, low potency marijuanna.
Dirty shwaz is meant for blunts.
by BadlyDrawn52 February 03, 2005

An absolutely awesome person. Often with the suffix -izzle at the end
You are the shwazizzle for shizzle dawg. I am the shwaz.
by VBcakvn September 25, 2006
The act of dificating, or to take a shit, take a crap.
I got to take a shwaz real bad. Damn I havent taken a shwaz that big in a long time, You breath smells like shwaz. Wholly Shwaz! I just shwazed my pants. you scared the shwaz out of me.
by shwazwaz July 19, 2006
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